Personal Message from Ben about Japan:
To my Japanese fans and friends:
Japan has always been a very special place for me, my various bandmates
and crew. Its damn heartbreaking to see anything at all happen to people
you care about. I felt ill to see the news on Friday and all the images
following. I’ve checked on my close friends in Japan and thankfully
they’re all safe.

My Japanese fan base is not a massive arena full of faceless people,
its the number of people I can see and count from stage,
and many who I’ve met. Some have been along with us for 15 years!
I hope you all have come out of all of this safe and sound,
along with your friends and families.

I want to invite fans in Japan who have access to internet
to post notes, stories, pictures, information as you see fit
on this page which has been made for our small community of fans
in Japan. I’ll read and look at every one of them and try to respond
to as much as I can. It seems naturally what a family or community does.
If there is anything that any of you are trying to send to specific people,
and I can help, I will try.

Of course we’re all donating and there is a short list on this page
just in case anyone has had trouble choosing a charity. Personal notes
from you all might inform on how we can help from far away,
even if its just donating, lending an ear or sympathizing.

I’ve never known any more determined people than the ones I’ve met
in Japan so I’m sure you’ll dig out but… damn it sure sucks.

Not the praying type, but I’ll make an exception Japan.
Ben Folds